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  30-11-22 10:51:42
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Chat with us over IRC!

  You can also join us over an IRC client by using the following information.

irc.darkserv.network 6697 #PoulsKitchen

Or also irc.PoulsKitchen.club 6697 #PoulsKitchen

Or join us via web chat, please note we use a specialized web chat that connects to all our servers so everyone can chat with each other!



1. Be respectful of others.
2. No swearing.
3. No religious or political discussion.
4. Be kind to others.
5. No trolling.
6. No begging.
7. English only.
8. Please do not offer medical or "official" advice, leave this for the individuals medical care giver, we need to respect peoples individual diets.
9. Do not share/sell/give/ or anything that can make the same interpretation of warez or porn or anything illegal, this is not the forum for this.
10. Respect our staff please.


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