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  03-02-23 07:59:49
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That Vegan Teacher

I want to start off stating this, that we all have the right to our personal beliefs, and no one has a right to attack this, or to just say we are wrong, we have our beliefs and no one should thump us for them.

As it pertains to food, we should all be eating better, and in all truth it will help us later in life when we need it the most.

For example if we spend our time eating chips, pizza and drinking pop, how healthy are we going to be when we are older?

I believe a meal should be a good balance between the different food groups, and I do believe everyone should be eating their veggies, its very important.

And there are going to be those who choose to be vegetarian, or vegan, and that's fine too, it isn't going to be everyone's choice, however, it is going to be some peoples choice, and I'm not going to make fun of them or be negative about it, its their choice.

But at the same time, we should not tolerate them making fun or thumping us about it either.

If we want to be treated equal and be respected then we have to treat others as equal and show respect, there is no use in bullying people over their choices, its wrong and needs to stop.

There is one individual named the Vegan Teacher, who is on this mad crusade to stop everyone from eating meat, she attacks celebrities, and stalks minors and try's to shame them for eating meat.

She pretends that she gave them an assignment, like who is she to give Gordon Ramsey any instruction at all, she just does Tick Tock and YouTube, she is better than me or anyone else, and then acts all horrified when Gordon eats meat.

She has shamed people by comparing them to Nazis, and making comments about how they are using the gas chamber to kill pigs.

This is gross, disgusting and shameful, and people like her need to be silenced, much like racism it is something that needs to end, no one no wants to hear your hate speech over food.

That Vegan Teach teaches alright, disrespect, hate, and anger, if anyone had family who fought in the World Wars this would be insulting, not to mention idiotic.

Anyone who thinks or feels the way she does needs help, and doesn't deserve to be treated like normal people, and anyone who actually follows her, most likely isn't following her to learn, they are just following her to make fun of her.

I'm not trying to make fun of her, just to make a statement that is very simple, just like religion, you can believe and worship how you want to, no one should attack you for that, and neither should anyone attack another person just because they choose to eat meat, or choose not to eat meat.

I want to state that I am not asking anyone to find her online stuff and attack her, please don't, she doesn't deserve the attention, but please be aware of her antics.

Thank you.

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