Caramelized Onions


1.  Onions

2.  Green Peppers

3.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4.  Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

5.  Butter

6.  Pepper

7.  Garlic

8.  Smoked Paprika


1.  Peel and cut up your onions.

2.  Peel and cut up your garlic.

3. Put your oil, and butter in your pan, you really don't need a lot but you do need to get it very hot.

4.  Put your onions in the pan with the garlic.

5.  Let the onions fry up, stir them often as you don't want them to burn or stick to the pan.

6.  Cut up your peppers.

7.  Add your peppers.

8.  Add your seasoning please note do not over do the salt, you do not need a lot.

9. You can add more or less or even different seasonings, its all about what your tastes are.

10.  Once the onions are going translucent your done.


This is a great thing to add to stir fry or steak.

This would be a great addition to breakfast with some eggs and bacon! (We use turkey bacon, healthier and less fat)