Chicken Thigh Recipe Ingredients. Chicken Thighs White Rum Liquid smoke Smoked paprika Turmeric Pepper Savory poultry spice Spanish onion Spicy honey Olive oil BBQ sauce Directions. This is a tasty and great smoky tasting replacement for chicken wings, using chicken thighs. Easy to make marinade, and easy to grill, and will taste amazing! 1. Take a large freezer bag 2. Cut the onions up finely and put them in the bag 3. Put the chicken thighs in the bag 4. No more than 2 teaspoons of liquid smoke. 5. Put the BBQ sauce in. 6. Add a little olive oil in. 7. Add a little white rum, now this is optional, you do not need to have it, but it will taste better. 8. Add the rest of the spice. 9. Mix up the bag kneading it and making sure that its mixed well and sit in the fridge for at least 1 to 3 hours preferably over night.. 10. Cook it the way you wish and serve. Notes. If your not diabetic you can add sugar to this. You can bake, fry, air fry, or grill, please do not boil. Always best to use fresh chicken that has not been frozen.