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Terms and Conditions

By reading these you and visiting this site you are stating you agree to comply and understand these, if you do not please close the site immediately.

Gathering Information.

a. We do not collect data on this site.
b. If you choose to use our Facebook Group, you understand that anything you post is in an open forum and are responsible for anything you post, and understand that Facebook is on the open internet and have their own policies that belong to them, we are not responsible for your public posts on Facebook.
c. If you choose to use any of our IRC chat rooms, and use any of their services, you do at your own risk and your own responsibility, we do not own any of those services, we subscribe to them, with that said we do not gather any of that data.


a. We do not market towards any specific age, however for the reason that there are risks that minors may be using our services, we promise to keep a G rated tone as to not be offensive as much as possible.

Selling and Providing Data.

We don't collect data, so there is none to provide, we will discuss this further with a legal body in Canada with an appropriate warrant, but where we don't collect or save data this is a moot point.

Equal rights.

We practice equal rights, there shall be in no way shape or form any form of discrimination or preferential treatment period.


We do not tolerate harassment, and will deal with complaints by investigating it and dealing with it.


If you feel you need to discuss a legal issue with us please contact us.


We do not promote these at all, we will from time to time use Alcohol in our cooking, but not to drink, we do not promote the use or glamorization of this.


We are not doctors, or trained dieticians, at times we will give our opinions and talk about things we researched, if your unsure, please talk to a dietician, or your doctor, their advice is most often the most important for your health, while many of the things we talk about are easy to research and easy to understand, some of us have very strict diets and you need to follow what your doctor tells you, this site should be used to find alternative ways to prepare food, but not override what a professional tells you.

Politics and Religion

Your politician and religious views are yours, and we respect that, and expect you t respect ours, this is not a forum for politics or religion and while the occasional comment may come from something that has happened, we are not a forum for this, and there will be no hate speech tolerated about this.

Other Channels

We are not a forum to attack other cooking shows, or cooks, please show respect towards other people, pure and simple.

Spam and Solicitation

We do not spam, or solicit, plain and simple, and will not tolerate this happening to us pure and simple.

These policies are not all inclusive and we reserve the right to modify at any time.

Thanks for being a part of Poul's Kitchen. 

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