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  03-02-23 08:15:30
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Sugar Free Orange Tangerine Jam

This is an easy to make orange tangerine jam, sugar free, and healthy and easy, please note that fruit, and juice does have sugar.

As long as you don't buy juice with sugar added to it, it should be healthier and better for you than store bought.

Especially if you're diabetic.

5 Oranges.

5. Tangerines

A bottle of fresh orange juice

Vanilla extract

Apple Cider Vinegar

1.  Start by peeling your oranges and tangerines.

2.  Clean the white film from the peels.

3. Dice up the peels very thin, (The thinner the better, it will make it much easier to cook when we get to it.

4.  Make sure all the peels are cleaned enough.

5.  Put the orange and tangerines through the blender into a good puree.

6.  Dump the puree into a large pot and start to boil under a bit more than medium temperature.

7.  Dump a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

8.  Dump some vanilla extract, the amount you put in is to your taste.

9. Add the orange juice in.

10.  Once boiling add the peels.

11.  Leave on boil for 45 minutes to an hour.

12.  When you think its done, take it off the heat and put a small amount on a plate and put in the fridge in 10 minutes test if its thick enough, if it is it is done and ready to be put bottled.


If your not diabetic you can add sugar to this.

You don't need to add a lot of apple cider vinegar, however it does help the flavoring and it is healthy for you as well.

If you are going to make a large amount and plan to use Mason Jars, please do your research on how to sterilize the jars other wise you can make yourself sick.

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